Through It All

by Jessica Berg

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released October 12, 2013

recorded, mixed and mastered by Brian Jacoby
cover art by Kendra Gebbia Baillie at
professional photography by Jessica Hegland
additional digital images by Jessica Berg, except "Red" by Jessica Silk
cd art and packaging by Jessica Berg
cd duplication by Copycats Media
cd insert printed by Park Printing
made in Minneapolis, Minnesota



all rights reserved


Jessica Berg Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minnesota native Jessica Berg has been a singer/ songwriter/ guitar player for almost two decades, performing around many campfires and at community events while pursuing her love of audio engineering.

Official release party: Dakota Jazz Club, Oct. 12th @ 11pm
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Track Name: The Highway
The Highway
(J. Berg)

Head on down the highway, head on down the highway yeah yeah
To the place where I can be free, be myself don’t be afraid to be, child

I’ve been down so long
I can barely breathe
Gotta keep movin on
Try and find what I need
And I’m, looking for answers
An’ they’re nowhere to be found, yeah
All I know is I gotta get my feet back on the ground
So I… (chorus)

The highway is anyone’s trip
A soul journey a life song, yeah
Once I asked how to find it I was told
There is no right or wrong, just
Accept oh the change that goes on everyday, yeah
Know that you have a choice in what you do and what you say
So I… (chorus/jam)

Once I found that highway
Know I’ll never leave
Something that’s inside my soul
And in myself I do believe… yeah

Na na nah na nah n do and what you say, do and what you say now…

Track Name: Happiness
(J. Berg)

When your sun doesn’t seem to shine so bright
and you feel a lil lonely in the night
You know that, something’s just not right
You know that something’s gotta change
‘cause things can’t stay the same but
oh its just so, strange and new to you
But the one you always hide is the one that’s deep inside
If you could just set it free, imagine how your world would be if you could just…

Take take take it off, shed to something that’s so beautiful now
Take take take it off, nothing left to hide
Let your fears go to let your spirit flow and to find out that the happiness is life
Happiness is life oh yes it is

Oh to be yourself forget the material wealth
It doesn’t measure who you are ‘cause in the end it’s just you now
In the end it’s just you now
Happiness is living life everyday
cause you never know when something will go away
Everything’s got their path and so do you so
Go on yours now go on yours now go on yours now

You know you hear the voice is it right or wrong, weak or strong
How do I know where to go, what will I leave behind
If I walk through that door to leave this state of mind
Don’t want to be here no more, don’t want to be here no more
No no – don’t want to be here no more no no no no no no no no no
(Chorus)… oh yes it is yes it is… is…
Track Name: Through It All
Through It All
(J. Berg)

One day you’re up and the next you’re down
Been spillin your guts all over the town
These days your smile looks more like a frown
Baby what’s got into you?
I know times got hard, as they sometimes do
And I’ve never seen nothing you couldn’t work through
But I’m worried about your mind and your point of view
Did you forget how special you are?

Oh, baby yeah yeah – been through it all, I’ve seen you rise and fall
Oh, oh baby, yeah yeah – you know I’m gonna love you through it all

Your mama left you when you were seventeen
Looking for a man and the American dream
Your dad’s in the mountains, fishin on a stream
You’re feeling all alone in the world
If the world lets you down, you’ve always got your soul
So take care of you and don’t forget the goal
If they put you down don’tcha, lose control
You got dreams to remember

You know I’m gonna love you, through it all
Track Name: Movie Screens
Movie Screens
(J. Berg)

I’m tired of being pushed around, beat up set back, losing ground
Only ‘cause I let them, and its all in my head
I’m tryin to find the words to see, my way out of this tragedy
Have the strangest feeling that it’s all in my head

All in my head yeah, have the strangest feelin that its all in my head
All in my head now, only ‘cause I let them so its, all in my head

I’ve done my best I know I’ve tried, to say the things I feel inside
Living without fear because that’s all in my head
Still I thought I needed you to approve the good things that I do
But you didn’t even notice, so that’s, all in my head now

All in my head now, didn’t even notice so thats, all in my head
All in my head, yeah, livin without fear because that’s all in mah head, now

(guitar jam)

This life is just a movie screen, you can pick your dramas and pick your dreams
Step outside the movie set, you’ll see infinity, we forget
What this life can truly be, its all perception of reality
Have the strangest feelin that its, all in my head
Track Name: Your Song
Your Song
(J. Berg)

You have the most beautiful soul of anyone that I know
The smile in your eyes, the shine on your lips
Ooh can I get just one more kiss…

Playing cards, hanging out
Having something or nothing to talk about
I don’t know how else to have you see
That you are the only one for me

I know I can be emotional
Hey, that’s what women do
Please know that through it all
I have all of my love for you

Track Name: 100% Woman
100% Woman
(J. Berg/K. Savior)

Don’t need a man, tellin me what to do
Just ‘cause I am single don’t mean that I’m blue
Don’t like pearls or lipstick, don’t wear ribbons and bows
I don’t need no fryin pan ‘cause baby heaven knows
I am an independent, self-reliant woman

I can stay out all night, spit swear smoke and drink
Rather sing in the shower than use my kitchen sink
I’ve got no bra Sundays, I talk to the stars
Put on my faded Levis, drive my truck to the bars
‘cause I’m an independent, self-reliant woman

The only one I live for is me myself and I
Call me selfish, call me cruel but I’ve only got one life
Changed my ways I’m sick of being just the girl next door
‘Cause I’m an independent self-reliant woman

Expectations aren’t for me, feminism ain’t my call
Don’t treat me like a puppet ‘cause this girl’s got it all
Move with my music, it takes me near and far
Night or day its all the same all I need is my guitar

This is who I really am, this is what I’m all about
Girls I know you hear me… for the boys I’ll have to shout

… yeah I said I’m an independent, self-reliant… woman
Track Name: Love Song
Love Song
(J. Berg)

It was one of those days when I felt so all alone
Oh I had my cup of coffee my paper ten cigarettes and I just felt like shit
It was a beautiful day and the sun was alright
I knew I had to get out before I started to cry
So as I started walkin’ suddenly it happened… I saw him
And love struck – oh yeah love struck

Maybe it was the way I saw him shining in the sun
Oh I really couldn’t tell you but I knew that he was the one
Then as quickly as it happened, he faded from my sight
I searched the city streets until day faded into night
I was ready to give up oh, desperate and in pain
When a gypsy woman called me, yeah she started callin my name
She said, “For five dollars honey I can tell you what’s wrong”
I gave her my money oh she told me then was gone
She said love sucks – oh yeah love sucks

I took a cab to my apartment, was welcomed by my cat
Poured another cup of coffee smoked a cigarette
I couldn’t get him outta my head I saw his face with mine
Then I saw the gypsy lady but crossed her off my mind
‘cause love stuck – oh yeah love stuck

Maybe someday I’ll see him again…
Track Name: Red
(J. Berg)

Let me ask you one question, please don’t tell me no lie
I need a quick answer the kind the money always buys
I got into some trouble although I’m really not to blame
I might get convicted but I got someone else’s name
So Mr. Lawyer answer this, and don’t plead insanity
Can I sue the devil for takin over me

It started with a red dress that held me so tight
Walked out of the dressing room and into Mr. Right
He had a cherry red chevy wearing a three-piece suit
I thought I was dreamin when he said he had royal roots
I was feeling like a queen as we rode into the night
Shoulda seen what was comin when he ran a red light

The cops pulled us over, put my man in chains
Turned out he wanted and I was, gettin framed
He’d put, money in my purse, I thought he was just bein kind
The cops called it fake and they thought it was all mine

Oh well the moral of the story is, sad but true
That damned ol devil comes sneakin up on you
If you heard anything of what I think I just said
You’d stay away from things that are red

(Stay away from that red)
Track Name: Tin Cup
Tin Cup
(J. Berg)

He woke up in the morning and he poured himself a cup
Hopped up on the number five with a guitar and a tin can cup
It was Thursday morning on Nicollet Mall
Farmer’s market was in full swing
Delyn been practicing and it was time
To go downtown and show the people his thing

Hey Minneapolis, c’mon smile, I know you got the love
People come together yeah we’re helpin each other
And sometimes we even hug
Well that’s the good stuff ‘cause times get hard, you know they sometimes do
Its good to know that we can count on each other
To help pull one another through

Delyn sat in the sunshine just off the beaten path
In between songs he would tell his jokes and always make the people laugh
Delyn was havin a great ol time til the policeman told’m he had to move
Put away his tin can unless he had a permit to prove

Hey policeman, c’mon smile, I know you got the love
People come together yeah we’re helpin each other and sometimes we even hug
Well that’s the good stuff ‘cause times get hard you know they always do
Its good to know that we can count on each other to help pull one another through

Delyn put away his tin can and moved down a block or two
Sat down by the Dakota and watched all the people walk through
Pulled out his guitar and strummed the first few bars
Just happy to be doin what he loved
Suddenly here comes a suit and tie and tucks a hundred in the side of his glove

Thank you man, you know you give me a smile I know you got the love
People comin’ together yeah we’re helping each other
And sometimes all we need is that hug
Well that’s the good stuff cause times get hard
You now they sometimes do
Its good to know that we can count on each other
To help pull one another through
Its good to know that we can count on each other
To help pull one another through